PASSIA Library

Title Author(s) Publisher Name Classification Shelf Publish Year
In Search of Melancholy Baby Aksyonov, V. Random House United States 1987
Rise of Globalism. American Foreign Policy Since 1938 Ambrose, E. S. Penguin Books AS 56 American Studies 1993
The Future of Palestine Alami, M Hermon Books PH 1 Palestine History pre 1948 1970
Zionism and the Arabs, 1936-1939 Black, I University of London PH 2 Palestine History pre 1948 1978
Futile Diplomacy. Volume 1. Early Arab-Zionist Negotiation Attempts 1913-1931 Caplan, N. Frank Cass PH 3 Palestine History pre 1948 1983
Futile Diplomacy. Volume 2. Arab-Zionist Negotiations and the End of the Mandate Caplan, N. Frank Cass PH 4 Palestine History pre 1948 1986
Palestine: Retreat from the Mandate. The making of British Policy, 1936-45. Cohen, M.J. Paul Elek PH 5 Palestine History pre 1948 1978
Palestine in Anglo-Vatican Relations, 1936-1939. Enardu, M.G. Clusf PH 6 Palestine History pre 1948 1980
The Bi-National Idea in Palestine During the Mandatory Times Hattis, S.L. Shikmona Publishing PH 7 Palestine History pre 1948 1970
Letters from Palestine, 1932-36 Hodgkin, T. Quartet Books PH 8 Palestine History pre 1948 1986
The Failure of Brittish Military Strategy Within Palestine 1939 - 1947 Hoffman, B. Bar-Ilan University Press PH 9 Palestine History pre 1948 1983
Allenby and Brittish Strategy in the Middle East, 1917-1919. Hughes, M. Frank Cass PH 10 Palestine History pre 1948 1999
Palestine under the Mandate, 1920-1948 Hyamson, A.M. Methuen PH 11 Palestine History pre 1948 1950
Palestine Papers 1917-1922. Seeds Of Conflict. Ingrams, D. George Braziller PH 12 Palestine History pre 1948 1972
Palestine: The Reality Jeffries, J.M.N. Longmans Green PH 13 Palestine History pre 1948 1939
The Untempered Wind. Forty Years in Palestine. Jones, C. Longman PH 14 Palestine History pre 1948 1975
Britain and Palestine 1914-1948 Jones, P. The British Academy PH 15 Palestine History pre 1948 1979
Palestine. A Modern History. Kayyali, A.W. Croom Helm PH 16 Palestine History Pre 1948
British Policy towards Syria & Palestine 1906-1914 Khalidi, R.I. Ithaca Press PH 17 Palestine History pre 1948 1980
The Unromantics. The Great Powers and the Balfour Declaration Kimche, J. Weidenfeld and Nicholson PH 18 Palestina history pre 48 1968
Government and Society in Rural Palestine 1920-1948. Miller, Y.N. University of Texas Press PH 19 Palestine History Pre 1948 1985
Palestine Immigration Policy under Sir Herbert Samuel. British, Zionist and Arab Attitudes Mossek, M. Frank Cass PH 20 Palestine History Pre 1948 1978
Great Power Discord in Palestine. The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry into the Problems of European Jewry and Palestine 1945-1946 Nachmani, A. Frank Cass PH 21 Palestine History Pre 1948 1987
A Day of Justice. The Truth About the Arab Case in Palestine. Nasir, J. The Modern Press PH 22 1960
Shared Histories. A Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue Scham, P. , Salem, W. , Pogrund B. Palestinian Center for the Dissemination of Democracy PH 24 Palestine History Pre 1948 2005
The Embittered Arab - This is Why. Nasir, J. Jamil Nasir PH 23 Palestine History Pre 1948
Land, Labor, and the Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 1882-1914. Shafir, G. Cambridge University Press PH 25 Palestine History Pre 1948 1989
The Zealous Intruders. The Western Rediscovery of Palestine. Shepherd, N. Collins PH 26 Palestine History Pre 1948 1987
Ploughing Sand. British Rule in Palestine 1917-1948 Shepherd, N. John Murray PH 26 Palestine History Pre 1948 1999
The Historical Geography of the Holy Land. Smith, G.A. Collins PH 28 Palestine History Pre 1948 1966
Report by His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Council of the League of Nations on the Administration of Palestine and Trans-Jordan for the Year 1935 The Colonial Office His Majesty's Stationary Office PH 29 Palestine History Pre 1948 1935
The Disinherited. Journal of a Palestinian Exile. Turki, F. Random House PH 30 Palestine History Pre 1948 1972
Under the White Paper. Some Aspects of British Administration in Palestine from 1939-1947 Trevor, D. Jerusalem Press PH 31 Palestine History Pre 1948 1948
The British in Palestine. The Mandatory Government and the Arab-Jewish Conflict 1917-1929. Wasserstein, B. Royal Historical Society PH 32 Palestine History Pre 1948 1978
The Palestine Problem Williams-Thompson, R. Andrew Melrose PH 33 Palestine History Pre 1948
The Palestinian Nakba 1948. The Register of Depopulated Localities in Palestine Abu-Sitta, S.H. The Palestinian Return Centre PH 34 Palestine History 1948 1998
Palestine and the Great Powers, 1945-1948. Cohen, M.J. Princeton University Press PH 35 Palestine History 1948 1982
The Birth of Israel. Myths and Realities Flapan, S. Pantheon Books IH 4 Israel History 1987
Return of the Soul. The Nakbah Project Frere, J. Welfare Association PH 38 Palestine History 1948 2008
Palestine: Loss of a Heritage Hadawi, S. Naylor Company PH 39 Palestine History 1948 1963
All That Remains. The Palestinian Villages Occupied and Depopulated by Israel in 1948 Khalidi, W. Institute for Palestine Studies PH 41 Palestine History 1948 1992
Genesis 1948. The First Arab-Israeli War Kurzman, D. Signet PH 42 Palestine History 1948 1972
The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949 Morris, B. Cambridge University Press PH 43 Palestine History 1948 1987
1948 and After. Israel and the Palestinians. Morris, B. Clarendon Press PH 44 Palestine History 1948 1990
The Palestinian Catastrophe. The 1948 Expulsion of a People From Their Homeland Palumbo, M. Faber and Faber PH 45 Palestine History 1948 1987
The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1947-1951 Pappe, I. I.B. Tauris PH 46 Palestine History 1948 1994
The War for Palestine. Rewriting the History of 1948 Rogan, E.L. , Shlaim, A. Cambridge University Press PH 47 Palestine History 1948 2001
Breaking the siege of Denying the Natural Growth of Palestinian Neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem. Abdelrazek, A. , Tafakji, K. Arab Studies Society JI 1 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 2004
Thoughts on Israel's Policies and Practices in Jerusalem Abdul Hadi, M. Harvard University Press JI 3 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1985
Urgent Issues of Palestinian Residency in Jerusalem AIC AIC JC 46 Jerusalem - Contemporary 1994
Punished Collectively. A Report on the Persistent Israeli Denial of Family Reunification to Wives of Jerusalem Ex-Political Prisoners to AIC Policy Studies JI 34 Jerusalem Israeli Policy 1994
Urgent Issues of Palestinian Residency in Jerusalem. AIC AIC JI 22 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1994
The Trap is Closing on Palestinian Jerusalemites. Israel's Demographic Policies in East Jerusalem from the 1967 Annexation to the Eve of the Final Status Negotiations (1996). AIC AIC JI 7 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1996
The Status of Jerusalem Reconstructed. Israel's Unilateral Actions Determine the Future of Jerusalem. Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ). Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem JC 64 and JI 49 Jerusalem - Contemporary and Jerusalem Israeli Policy 1997
A Study on Jerusalem Bin Talal, H. Longman JI 11 1979
A Policy of Discrimination. Land Expropriation, Planning and Building in East Jerusalem. B'Tselem B'Tselem JI 12 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1995
A Policy of Discrimination. Land Expropriation, Planning and Building in East Jerusalem B'Tselem B'TSELEM JI 13 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1997
The Quiet Deportation Continues. Revocation of Residency and Denial of Social Rights of East Jerusalem Palestinians B'Tselem , Hamoked B'TSELEM JI 41 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 0
The Quiet Deportation Continues. Revocation of Residency of East Jerusalem Palestinians. B'Tselem , Hamoked B'TSELEM JI 40 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1997
On the Way to Annexation. Human Rights Violations Resulting from the Establishment and Expansion of the Ma'aleh Adumim Settlement. B'Tselem B'TSELEM JI 15 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 0
Forbidden Families. Family Unification and Child Registraton in East Jerusalem B'Tselem , Hamoked B'TSELEM JI 39 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 0
Municipal Policies in Jerusalem - An Account from Within Cheshin, A. Passia JI 8 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1998
The Politics of Jerusalem since 1967 Dumper, M. Columbia University Press JI 19 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1997
Alternative to a Nightmare Eliav, A.L. The Jerusalem Post JI 10 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1981
Cronicas de Jerusalen 1987-1990 Ghattas Jahshan, M. Amaru Ediciones JI 14 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1993
Palestinian Residency and East Jerusalem. Proceedings of a Seminar. Hamoked Hamoked JI 22 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1994
The Judaization of Jerusalem. Israeli Policies Since 1967. Hodgkins, A.B. Passia JI 16 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1996
Israeli Settlement Policy in Jerusalem. Facts on the Ground Hodgkins, A.B. Passia JI 17 Jerusalem - Israeli Policy 1998