Protecting Islamic and Christian Cultural Heritage in Jerusalem

The project will develop and support the Palestinian East Jerusalem community and civil society’s role in safeguarding their Islamic and Christian cultural heritage which is an integral part of the city’s Palestinian identity. This will contribute to the strengthening of the overall resilience of Palestinian Jerusalemites and the preservation of the city’s Palestinian character and support the historical, archaeological and cultural narrative that represents a true reflection of the city’s Arab character. The Islamic and Christian Waqf properties play thereby a particularly important role and are in urgent need for protection due to Israel’s ongoing attempts to monopolize Jerusalem’s history and culture with its own ethnoreligious legacy.


The project's overall objective is to contribute to preserving the Palestinian character and cultural heritage of East Jerusalem by strengthening the Palestinian identity and enhancing the sense of belonging among Palestinians. More specifically, it aims at protecting Islamic and Christian religious and cultural heritage properties, including “Waqf”, against Israeli violations and threats, as well as at enhancing Palestinians ability to identify and value their cultural heritage and understand what can be done to protect it and the role it plays in preserving the Palestinian character of the city.


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