Special Symposium on the Late Jerusalemite Scholar Dr. Kamel Al-Assali

The Palestinian scholar Dr. Kamel Al-Assali, who was born in Jerusalem in 1925, played a leading role in introducing Western literature and scholarship to Pales­tinian society. In recognition of the importance of his work and his contribution to the development of the Palestinian library through analysis, studies, translation and documentation, PASSIA held a seminar reviewing his work and assessing his achievements. PASSIA coordinated with leading academics from various Palestinian and regional universities and institutions to organize the seminar, which aimed at pro­viding a comprehensive reading of Al-Assali's writings and studies on Palestinian his­tory, heritage and culture, in particular with relation to the question of Jerusalem.


Several researchers and scholars were invited to either submit working papers, dealing with a specific topic, or to review such papers and to write a discussion paper accord­ingly. The studies and research papers of the symposium on the life of the Jerusa­lemite scholar Dr. Kamel Al-Assali and his works were later published, divided in the following in 12 chapters.


1.     The Demography of Jerusalem at the End of the 11th Century, with Reference to the Contemporary status quo

         Presenter:   Dr. Muhsin Yussef, Birzeit University

         Discussant: Dr. Nazmi Ju'beh, Birzeit University


2.     The Current Geographic status quo in Jerusalem

         Presenter:   Dr. Walid Mustafa, Birzeit University

         Discussant: All participants


3.     Analytical Study of the Historical Resources in the Work of Dr. Kamel Al-Assali

         Presenter:   Dr. Hassan Silwadi, Al-Quds University

         Discussant: Dr. Mahmoud Attallah, An-Najah University


4.     The Current Demographic status quo in Jerusalem

         Presenter:   Dr. Bernard Sabella, Bethlehem University

         Discussant: All participants


5.     Dr. Kamel Al-Assali as Librarian, 1968-82

         Presenter:   Mr. Yussef Qandil, Shuman Foundation Library, Amman

         Discussant: Mrs. Afaf Harb, Birzeit University Library


6.     Documents and Records of the Jerusalem Shari'a Court in the Work of Kamel Al-Assali

         Presenter:   Mr. Fahmi Al-Ansari, Al-Ansari Library, Jerusalem

         Discussant: Mr. Khader Salameh, Al-Aqsa Mosque Library, Jerusalem


7.     The Life and Work of Dr. Kamel Al-Assali

         Presenter:   Mr. Walid Al-Assali, Advocate, Jerusalem

         Discussant: All participants


8.     The Heritage of Beit Al-Maqdis in the Writings of Dr. Kamel Al-Assali

         Presenter:   Dr. Mohammed Al-Hizmani, Hebron University

         Discussant: Dr. Abdel Qader Jabarin, Hebron University


9.     Ornamentation on Ummayad Buildings in Jerusalem

         Presenter:   Dr. Marwan Abu Khalaf, Al-Quds University

         Discussant: Dr. Adnan Musallam, Bethlehem University


10.   The Political Face of Jerusalem in the Early Decades of Islam

         Presenter:   Dr. Khalil Athammeh, Birzeit University

         Discussant: Sheikh Jamil Hamami


11.   Introduction to the Book "PalΣstina im Umbruch" by the Late Alexander Sch÷lch

         Presenter:   Dr. Nizam Abbasi, An-Najah University

         Discussant: All participants


12.   Jerusalem and a Political Solution

         Presenter:   Dr. Ahmad Sa'id Nufal, Yarmouk University, Jordan

         Discussant: Dr. Manuel Hassassian, Bethlehem University