Research Studies Program

Ever since its foundation in 1987, PASSIA has undertaken its Research Studies Program. To date, over 200 publications have been published under the auspices of this program, researched and written by PASSIA team members or by specifically contracted researchers, who, over the years, have been as diverse as the subjects covered. Authors of PASSIA publications have included Palestinian, Arab, Israeli and international academics, scholars and experts.


In its efforts to provide background information, in-depth studies, and documentation on issues of concern as well as educational and advocacy materials to promote a better understanding of the Palestinian cause, PASSIA maintains that all research and publishing are done within the context of academic freedom. PASSIA publications aim to be specialized, scientific and objective, yet they often address controversial or neglected issues and allow the expression of a wide range of perspectives.


PASSIA is proud that its publications have become a valuable reference source for academics, diplomats, professionals, libraries and anyone with an interest in Palestinian issues and their relations to regional and international affairs.