Palestinian Personalities – A Biographic Dictionary (2004)

Since the history of Palestine is also the story of its people, PASSIA, in 2004, began a collection of short biographies of Palestinian personalities that play, or have played, a role in past and present Palestine. This anthology of the most influential Palestinians since the late 19th and throughout the 20th Century eventually included almost 1,000 historical and contemporary figures, who have inspired and enriched the Palestinian nation and, in one way or another, shaped Palestinian history.


The biographic sketches cover individuals of all social strata and occupational groups – political elites, freedom fighters, thinkers, writers, educators, civil rights activists, and others, detailing their lives and activities, including basic facts, such as birth and death dates and places, as well as information on education, employment history, positions held, achievements made, works published, etc.


The collection was published in English and Arabic.