PASSIA Library

Title Author(s) Publisher Name Classification Shelf Publish Year
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The Wisdom of Judaism. Cohn-sherbok, D. OneWorld JU 1 Judaism 2000
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The Origins and the Evolution of the Arab-Zionist Conflict. Cohen, M.J. University of California Press PH 5a Palestine History Pre 1948 0
Witness to History: The Plight and Promise of the Palestinian Refugees. Arasoughly, A. , Bathish, R. , Dajani, R. , Ibrahim, R. Miftah PR 1a Refugees 2000
Future Iraq. US Policy in Reshaping the Middle East. Simons, G. Al Saqi Books MU 35a Middle East - US 2003
What's Right With Islam? A New Vision for Muslims and the West. Abdul Rauf, I.F. HarperSanFrancisco I 0 Islam Studies 2004
Islam and Israel. Mulsim Religious Endownments and the Jewish State. Dumper, M. Institute for Palestine Studies I 15a Islam Studies 1994
The Law of the Land. Settlements and Land Issues Under Israeli Military Occupation. PASSIA Passia LS 21a Land & Settlement 1993
Land Grab. Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank. Lein, Y. B'Tselem LS 15a Land & Settlement 2002
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Families Torn apart. Separation of Palestinian Families in the Occupied Territories. Kadman, N. B'Tselem PQ 24a The Palestine Question 1999
Sharon's War Against Time Magazine. His Trial and Vindication. Aharoni, D. Bonechi & Steimatzky IG 2 Israel - General 1985
Politics in Israel. The Second Generation. Arian, A. Chatham House Publishers IG 3 Israel - General 1985
Israeli Visions and Divisions. Aronoff, M.J. Transaction Publishers IG 4 Israel - General 1989
Israeli Incitement Against the Palestinian Media. Awwad, N. Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation IG 5 Israel - General 2000
From the Paradoxes of Israel to the Mystery of Israel. Brother Marcel J. Dubois St Isaiah's House IG 6 Israel - General 1968
Fatal Choices: Israel's Policy of Targeted Killing. David, S.R. Besa IG 7 Israel - General 2002
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Israel in the Region. Conflict, Hegemony or Cooperation? Shtayyeh, M. PECDAR FI 9 Israel Foreign Relations 1998