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Title Author(s) Publisher Name Classification Shelf Publish Year
The Legal Consequences Arising from the Construction of a Civilian Tramway (Light Railway) in the Occupied Section of Jerusalem ARIJ JR-UP34 Jerusalem Reports - Urban Planning 2011
The Next Jerusalem: Potential Futures of the Urban Fabric Institute for Palestine Studies JR-UP35 Jerusalem Reports - Urban Planning 2013
In the Shadow of the 2014 Gaza War: Imprisonment of Jerusalem’s Children Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association JR-CY1 Jerusalem Reports - Children & Youth 2016
Reality of Palestinian Children’s Well-Being In Occupied East Jerusalem: A Participatory Community Case Study Analysis of Five Marginalized Neighborhoods Birzeit University Center for Continuing Education JR-CY2 Jerusalem Reports - Children & Youth 2014
Difficulties High School Students Face In Making Professional Decisions and Their Career Orientations - East Jerusalem Case PalVision & Welfare Association JR-CY3 Jerusalem Reports - Children & Youth 2014
Arrested Childhood - The Ramifications of Israel’s New Strict Policy Toward Minors Suspected of Involvement In Stone Throwing, Security Offenses, and Disturbances ACRI JR-CY4 Jerusalem Reports - Children & Youth 2016
Bleak Futures: The Pressure Cooker Situation of Palestinian Youth Employment in Jerusalem GIZ & Palestinian Youth Network for Citizenship and Reform JR-CY5 Jerusalem Reports - Children & Youth 2016
Narrating Pasts and Futures in Jerusalem’s Visual Signs The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies (GIIS) JR-CON1 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2014
Celebrating Easter: 50 Years of Israel’s Colonization of Occupied East Jerusalem PLO Negotiations Affairs Department JR-CON2 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2017
The Impact of the Current Situation on the Human Rights of the Vulnerable Palestinian Groups in East Jerusalem Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung JR-CON3 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2017
Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No (54) Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey (PSR) JR-CON4 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2014
Framing and fighting: The impact of conflict frames on political attitudes Journal of Peace Research JR-CON5 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2019
Jerusalem: Five Decades of Subjection and Marginalization JR-CON6 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary
The Residents of Eastern Jerusalem at a Historic Crossroads Hashiloach JR-CON7 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2017
The Jerusalem Powder Keg International Crisis Group JR-CON8 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2005
The Palestinians of East Jerusalem: What Do They Really Want? Pechter Middle East Polls in Partnership with The Council on Foreign Relations JR-CON9 Jerusalem Reports - Contemporary 2011
Effects of Separation Wall on the Economy In Arab Jerusalem CCDPRJ JR-ECO1 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2008
Troubling Correlation: The Ongoing Economic Deterioration in East Jerusalem and the Current Wave of Terror INSS JR-ECO2 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2016
Urban Neoliberalism vs. Ethno-National Division: The Case of West Jerusalem's Shopping Malls Department for Politics and Government, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel JR-ECO3 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2015
Return and the Economic Integration of Palestinian Refugees/Displaced Persons in Jerusalem Badil JR-ECO4 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 1999
From Dissonance to a Permanent Status Destination Creating Policy Options to Pave the Way to Final Status Jerusalem Policy Forum (The Peace and Democracy Forum & Ir Amim) JR-ECO5 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2007
Polarized Labor Integration: East Jerusalem Palestinians in the City’s Employment Market JIPR JR-ECO6 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2017
Vocational Training: A Tool for Employment Integration of East Jerusalem Residents JIPR JR-ECO7 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2018
Needs Analysis: Downtown East Jerusalem Business IPCRI JR-ECO8 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2013
Private Sector and Economic Development in East Jerusalem Final Report ACE International Consultants JR-ECO9 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2012
The Current State of the Markets in the Old City of Jerusalem MAS JR-ECO10 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2016
An Outline of the Economic Issues of a Final Status Agreement in Jerusalem AIX-Group JR-ECO11 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2016
Economic Collapse in East Jerusalem: Strategies for Recovery Al-Shabaka JR-ECO12 Jerusalem Reports - Economy 2016
Status Report: The Arab-Palestinian School System in East Jerusalem as the 2009-10 School Year Begins Ir Amim & ACRI JR-EDU1 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2009
The East Jerusalem School System – Annual Status Report Ir Amim & ACRI JR-EDU2 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2011
Failed Grade: East Jerusalem's Failing Educational System Ir Amim & ACRI JR-EDU3 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2012
Annual Status Report: The Failing East Jerusalem Education System Ir Amim & ACRI JR-EDU4 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2013
Falling between the Cracks: Student Dropout and the Shortage of Classrooms in East Jerusalem, Annual Update Ir Amin JR-EDU5 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2015
De-Palestinization of Education in Jerusalem: Curriculum Challenges Pose Threat to Palestinian National Identity The Civic Council for Education in Jerusalem JR-EDU6 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2016
Sub-Formalization in East Jerusalem Schooling The Open University of Israel, JR-EDU7 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2016
Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Persistent Neglect and Attempted Coercion in the East Jerusalem Education System Annual Update Ir Amin JR-EDU8 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2016
The Right To Education Campaign - Education In Jerusalem: Current Situation and Challenges ahead in the Lack of a Unified Educational Authority CCDPRJ JR-EDU9 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2008
Durham E-Theses: Educational Exclusion under an Ethnocratic State- The Case of East Jerusalem Durham University JR-EDU10 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2013
Educational Master Plan for East Jerusalem IPCC JR-EDU11 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2012
Fifty Years of Neglect: East Jerusalem Education Report Ir Amin JR-EDU12 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2017
Fact checking the PA Minister of Education The Times of Israel JR-EDU13 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2017
Defending new curriculum against incitement charges, PA education chief says he’s ‘safeguarding Palestinian narrative’ The Times of Israel JR-EDU14 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2017
Israel’s School Civics Guide Moves to the Right: Arabs Are Hostile, Israel is Jewish Haaretz JR-EDU15 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2017
Ministry Confirms: Israel's Religious Jews Get Most School Funding; Arabs least Haaretz JR-EDU16 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2014
Dietary Patterns and Physical Activity among Palestinian Female Schoolchildren in East Jerusalem South Eastern European Journal of Public Health (SEEJPH) JR-EDU17 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2016
East Jerusalem Students’ Attitudes towards the Acquisition of Hebrew as a Second or Foreign Language in the Arab Educational System of East Jerusalem and Society’s Support Creative Education JR-EDU18 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2012
Education in Jerusalem and Its Impact on the Palestinian Identity: Towards Sustainable National Educational Policies The Palestinian Association for Empowerment and Local Development Reform JR-EDU19 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2015
Education under Occupation: East Jerusalem Alternet JR-EDU20 Jerusalem Reports - Education 2016
The Al-Aqsa Mosque: Through the Ages IslamiCity JR-HIS1 Jerusalem Reports - History 2013
Kaiser Wilhelm Arrives in Jerusalem Hamigdal JR-HIS2 Jerusalem Reports - History 2012
The Rise and Fall of Arab Jerusalem: Palestinian Politics and the City Since 1967 JIIS JR-HIS3 Jerusalem Reports - History 2007
The Establishment of Muslim Neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, Outside the Old City, During the Late Ottoman Period Palestine Exploration Quarterly JR-HIS4 Jerusalem Reports - History 1980
The Jerusalem Question Eurasia Review JR-HIS5 Jerusalem Reports - History 2018
Diplomacy The London Centre of International Relations University of Kent at Canterbury JR-HIS6 Jerusalem Reports - History 1997
Latin America’s Foreign Policy Towards Jerusalem: A Historical Perspective JR-HIS7 Jerusalem Reports - History
EU Report on East Jerusalem EU JR-INT1 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2005
Jerusalem: The Heart of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Directorate-General For External Policies Of The Union Policy Department – European Parliament JR-INT2 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2012
Report on Jerusalem EU Heads of Missions JR-INT3 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2015
EU HOMS Report on Jerusalem 2014 European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine JR-INT4 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2014
The Dangers of Decontextualising East Jerusalem 2012 JR-INT5 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2012
Secret British Document Accuses Israel The Guardian JR-INT6 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2005
Trump’s Plan to Move The US Embassy to Jerusalem: A Discussion of International Humanitarian Law and International Diplomatic Law Aljazeera Centre for Studies JR-INT7 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2016
Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem: Opportunities, Risks, and Recommendations INSS JR-INT8 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2017
Role of the Religious Element in the US Policy Towards Jerusalem Dilemma 1967-2000 International Journal of Political Science, Law and International Relations JR-INT9 Jerusalem Reports - International Politics & Policies 2017
Dividing Jerusalem, Solidifying the Occupation 972 JR-ILP1 Jerusalem Reports - Israeli Politics 2016
200 Days of Grace: Israeli Policy in East Jerusalem in the Nir Barkat Era / Special Report – Jerusalem 1Day 2009 ACRI JR-ILP2 Jerusalem Reports - Israeli Politics 2009
Extreme Makeover? (II): The Withering of Arab Jerusalem International Crisis Group (Middle East Report N° 135 - 20) JR-ILP3 Jerusalem Reports - Israeli Politics 2012
Extreme Makeover? (I): Israel’s Politics of Land and Faith in East Jerusalem International Crisis Group JR-ILP4 Jerusalem Reports - Israeli Politics 2012