PASSIA Library

Title Author(s) Publisher Name Classification Shelf Publish Year
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Volume III: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness: Joseph. Swindroll, C.R. New York RB 3 Religion Biography 1998
Volume IV: A Man of Selfless Dedication: Moses. Swindroll, C.R. New York RB 4 Interfaith 1999
Volume V: A Man of Heroism and Humility: Elijah. Swindroll, C.R. New York RB 5 Interfaith 2000
Volume VI: A Man of Grace and Grit: Paul. Swindroll, C.R. New York RB 6 Interfaith 2002
Jesus. A Revolutionary Biography. Crossan, J.D. Ithaca Press RB 7 Religion Biography 1995
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Terrorism and Organised Crime in Post-Soviet Russia. Andresen, Rolf-Inge Vogt. Norwegian Defence Research Establishment Te 1 Terrorism 2001
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Why Terrorism Occurs. A Survey of Theories and Hypotheses on the Causes of Terrorism. Brynjar, L. , Skjolberg, K. Random House Te 3 Terrorism 2001
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