Born in Hebron in 1912; religious Sheikh; completed his law studies at the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, graduating in 1949; served as Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem in the 1960s; was deported from Hebron in the late 1960s for his activities in the Hizb At-Tahrir (Liberation Party), which resisted the Israeli occupation; settled in Amman where he had an uneasy relationship with King Hussein and his regime; joined the Muslim Brotherhood but left shortly after; was one of the founders of the Hizb At-Tahrir Al-Islami in Jordan; founder - with the support of Fateh activists - and leader of Islamic Jihad - Beit AI-Maqdes Group (Jerusalem Islamic Jihad Movement) in Jordan in 1982, which advocated violent confrontations with Israel; was declared together with his son Nader persona non grata by Saddam Hussein for their criticism of the Iraqi invasion of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the early 1980s; was imprisoned on several occasion in the 1980s for his outspoken views; organized additional Islamic Jihad cells in the OPT; wrote The Disappearance of Israel: A Qur’anic Imperative (1984), in which he tries to prove the importance given in the Qur’an to Palestine and that the Jihad in Palestine is bound to bring back the Holy Land to Muslim sovereignty (the book became ‘required reading’ for young Islamic militants in the OPT); formed close ties with Hizbullah leader Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, and with the Iranian government under Ayatollah Khomeini; was arrested by Jordan in 1988 when he returned to Amman from Teheran; after a split with other leaders of the group, renamed his faction The Islamic Jihad - Al-Aqsa Battalions, in 1989; initially disapproved of the PLO’s endorsement of the 1991 Madrid talks but later an advocate of peace with Israel; was repeatedly refused permission to return to Palestine; died on 21 March 1998 in Amman.


التميمي، أسعد بيوض (1912-1998) ولد في مدينة الخليل عام 1912؛ درس في جامعة الأزهر الشريف في القاهرة وتخرج عام 1949؛ إمام المسجد الأقصى في القدس؛ انضم إلى جماعة الإخوان المسلمين ولكنه سرعان ما تركها؛ أحد أقطاب حزب التحرير الإسلامي في الأردن؛ مؤسس وقائد فرقة جهاد بيت المقدس في الأردن عام 1982؛ سجن أكثر من مرة لآرائه السياسية في الثمانينات؛ نظم خلايا الجهاد في الأراضي المحتلة؛ اعتقلته السلطات الأردنية عام 1988 ثم أفرج عنه واستقر في عمان؛ توفي في عمان في 21 آذار/ مارس 1998 .