Creating the Palestinian State ( A Strategy for Peace)

This book is a proposal for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the two-state solution. Segal directs his strategy proposal primarily towards the Palestinians and the PLO but takes into consideration that they operate within a network of constraints and influences and that whatever decisions they make are affected by the views and likely responses of other actors. Putting the creation of a Palestinian state - without prior Israeli agreement - as a starting point and, at the same time, as the heart of the proposed strategy, Segal prescribes steps for reaching the post-conflict situation. His plan for action for achieving peace is built on the following main strategy components: a unilateral Palestinian Declaration of Independence and Statehood, coupled with the formation of a provisional government that replaces the PLO; the launching of a peace initiative; steps to build the inner sinews of the new state; and a campaign to achieve the withdrawal of the Israeli army from occupied Palestinian territory.

Sept. 1, 1989