To prevent deterioration of the Palestinian issue into a road map of “liquidation”

Dec. 25, 2016
Dr. Mahdi F. Abdul Hadi


Amidst dramatic international developments and the crisis of crumbling
Arab regimes in which destruction abounds and millions of people have
been killed, migrated and displaced;
With ongoing fighting, preemptive regional wars, and attempts to exploit
the Arab Initiative to “normalize security” without withdrawal from
occupied Arab territory;
And after half a century of Israeli military occupation, policies and
practices of Israelization, Judaization, isolation, exclusion, and hostility,
in addition to exploiting Biblical myths about Palestine, particularly
related to Jerusalem and its holy places;
And in the absence of Arab capability to end the occupation, and the
absence of a national will to end the internal divide, and the dwindling
of confidence in a political regime that is still unfinished;
And after the shattering of the illusions of negotiations, resistance and
two-state solution…..
It is legitimate to ask if the Palestinian issue has reached a road map of