Palestine Directory


PASSIA's Palestine directory has become the main reference guide for international and domestic professionals working on Palestinian issues, and is unrivalled as a dependable resource providing instant, on-the-go, access to our comprehensive contacts list.

It provides the names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and websites of all Palestinian and international organizations working in Palestine in an easily-navigable format. 

Whether you are a peace activist or an entrepreneur, PASSIA are now offering you the possibility to begin building networks without even switching on your computer. 

Are you doing research on the Middle East or planning an event focusing on this region? Are you looking for jobs and internships in Palestinian or international NGOs? Our directory will put you in touch with the people who can help. 

This application provides access to the contact details of the following organizations:

Government Ministries and agencies
Academic & Research Centers
Associations & Unions
Charitable Institutions
Cultural Centers
Democracy, Peace & Community Development Centers
Economic, Educational & Financial Institutions
Media Agencies
Diplomatic Missions
Human Rights & Law Centers
Health Organizations
Religious Forums
Offices & Institutions of the Service Sector
Women's Organizations
Youth & Sport Clubs


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