Al-Azhar International Conference in Support of Jerusalem

  • Organizer: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Cairo.
  • Location: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, Cairo.
  • From: Jan. 17, 2018 - To: Jan. 18, 2018
Participants: Representatives from over 80 Countries
All Conferences were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA
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Jerusalem Tourism: What's Next, Coordination Options and Structures, Political vs. Professional References, the Need for a Jerusalem Fund to Sustain its Momentum?

  • Organizer: The Jerusalem Tourism Cluster. Workshop held by PASSIA as part of the Conference on “Tourism and Palestinian Culture in Jerusalem: Unlimited Opportunities”.
  • Location: Legacy Hotel, Jerusalem.
Speakers: Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Chairman of PASSIA, Dr. Diana Buttu, Lawyer (International Law) and former Advisor to the Palestinian Negotiations Team; Mazen Sinokrot, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Al-Quds Holding Co.
Participants: Sawsan Safadi, PR Manager; Mahmoud Jaddeh, Tour Guide; Erin Rubesh, Economic Assistant, US Consulate; Hilal Malhis, Legal Translator; Hani Salameh, Manager, Volcano College; Kuniko Takamatsu, Researcher; Ibrahim Dawoud, Mount of Olives Hotel; Rania Elias, Yabous Cultural Center; Enas Muthaffar, Communications Advisor, Mahmoud Abu E.; Dr. Maha Samman, Head of Research Program, Center for Jerusalem Studies, Al-Quds University; Dr. Awad Mansour, Al-Quds University; Fouad Jabr, Arbitrator; Ahmad Safadi, Elia’s Association For Youth; Nidal Rafa, Journalist; Mahmoud Hawari, Curator, British Museum; Abdul Azzeh; Murad Bakri, P.I. Officer, UNSCO; Shilly Switty; Kheir Aweidah, General Manager; Christina Samara, Samara Tours; Wajdi Nammari, Holy Jerusalem Tours; Rudaina Abu Arafeh, NGO Development Center (NDC); Shakib Husseini; Nader Ackall; Areej Deibas, Interpreter; Valerie Feron, French Arabic Radio; Khalil Assali, Journalist; Haitham Haloub, Manager; Shiho Toma; George Rishmawi, Director, ATG; Abdallah Salameh, MDA; Domenico Bearzatto; Tom Selwya, Professor; Ann-Sofie Lasell, Director, Bilda Swedish Christian Study Center; Andrea Ferrari, Manager, ACCOR; Siren Nasereddin Natsheh, AHA; Nadim Al-Jamal, Journalist; Deniz Altayli, Program Director, PASSIA.
All Conferences were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA

Jerusalem International Conference Program: "Jerusalem: Steadfastness and Resistance"

  • Organizer: Health Work Committees (HWC); Land Research Center (LRC); Defense for Children International Palestine (DCI) ; Bisan Center for Research and Development; The Alternative Information Center (AIC); Union of Palestinian Women Committees (UPWC).
  • Location: City Inn Hotel, Ramallah.
All Conferences were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA
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