Meetings & Workshops


NGO French Solidarity with the Palestinian People

  • Organizer: PASSIA.
  • Location: PASSIA Office, Ramallah.
Participants: Each of the Palestinian participants gave a ten-minute talk on a topic as follows: Dr. Hanan Ashrawi-MIFTAH (Topic: Jerusalem), Dr. Salim Tamari-IPS (Topic: Refugees), Ghassan Khatib-JMCC (Topic: Settlements), Jamal Zakout-Fida (Topic: Gaza Issues), Izzat Abdul Hadi-Bisan Center (Topic: Civil Society), Jamil Rabah (Topic: Borders and Security), Isabelle Avran-French NGO's Platform, Laurence Lieutaud- French NGO's Platform, Emmanuelle Bennani, French NGO's Platform, Orsoni Pierre Alexandre-Assiociation Medicale, Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi-PASSIA (Topic: Jerusalem).
All Meetings & Workshops were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA