Meetings & Workshops


Palestinian Security Governance

  • Organizer: PASSIA.
  • Location: PASSIA Office, Ramallah.
Participants: Dr. Feras Melhem, Lecturer in Law, Birzeit University; Fadwa Shaer, Ministry of Interior, Ramallah; Asem Khalil, Acting Director of Research, Institute of Law, Birzeit University; Ahmed Soboh, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Rab’e Hantuli, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mirvat Hasan, Deputy Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Muzna Shihabi, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Dr. Ali Jirbawi Professor of Political Science, Birzeit University; Dr. Fasial Awartani, Professor of Statistics, Birzeit University/ CEO, Alpha International for Polling, Research and Informatics; Majed Arouri, The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen’s Rights; Ghazaleh Arar, Member of GUPT (General Union of Palestinian Teachers); Dr. Khalil Nakleh, Team Leader, Mu’assasat (Civil Societies Institutions); Raji Al-Najami, Brigadier-General, Palestinian Security Forces; Dr. Mohammad Altherf, Lawyer; Roland Friedrich, Advisor, MENA Program, DCAF, Geneva; Jamil Rabah, Near East Consulting, Ramallah; Mohammad Hussein Abdullah, Lawyer; Ammr Khalefa, Massar Company; Dr. Mansur Gharabe, Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees; Kammal Al-Sheikh, Ministry of Interior; Ismail Abu-Jabber, retired Major General, Ramallah; Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA, Jerusalem; Sophie Shiber, PASSIA.
All Meetings & Workshops were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA