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Religious Meetings & Activities (2008)



   All meetings were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA

10 November 2008, PASSIA, Jerusalem.
Topic:My Community and the Land
Participants:The Swidish Technological Institute visitors' group: Hakan Bengtsson, the Director of the Swedish Theological Institute; Lind Gessesse, the Course Assistant; Hilda , Freayehu Mathewos; Ivy Singh; Ralte, Lalrinawmi; Catubig, Emma C; Dagandan, Lucia L; Mapangdol, Gloria Lita Diawan; Lubunga Kenge, Esther; Mungure, Elieshi Ayo; Casarotti Peirano, Ana Maria; Anna Jagell; Margareta Olsson; Rose Elizabeth.



22 October 2008, PASSIA, Jerusalem
Topic:Poverty and Unemployment in Palestine
Terry and Michele Finseth, Presbyterian Church, USA.





24 September 2008, PASSIA, Jerusalem
Topic:Religious Issues
Participants: Linda Louise Batton, DD, Director of the Office of Evangelization, Justice & Peace, Diocese of San Jose - Mountain View, CA; Densy Rijanto Chandra, Asian Ministry volunteer, Lady of the Holy Sepulchere - Highland, CA; Gregorius Mintono Chandra, Knight of Holy Sepulchere - Highland, CA; Bonita Jean Cler, DD, Parish leader, Archdiocese of Anchorage - Wasila, AK; James DeHarpporte, Regional Director, CRS West - San Diego, CA; Shirley Ann Giacomi, DD, Chancellor Diocese of Orange - Seal Beach, CA; Fr. Marc Christopher Howes, Pastor, Diocese of Las Vegas - Henderson, NV; Msgr. Patrick Loftus, Global Fellow, retired priest of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA; Sheilah Eileen Lynch, DD, Director of Family Life, Diocese of Monterrey - Santa Cruz, CA; (Rev.) Peter L Ruggere, Maryknoll, co-leader of delegation - Los Altos, CA; Theresa Marie Scargill, Director of Faith Formation, Diocese of Monterey - Monterey, CA; George Alexander Wesolek, Director of the Office of Social Policy, Archdiocese of San Francisco - Sonoma, CA; Catherine Rose Willett, Director, Office of Justice & Peace, Archdiocese of Portland - Portland, OR; Joseph Symkowick, Partnership & Advocacy officer, CRS West - Sacramento, CA; Patricia Symkowick, Spouse - Sacramento, CA.




30 August 2008, PASSIA, Jerusalem.
Topic:Interfaith Dialogue
Participants: Presbyterian Leadership Group: Carol Adcock, General Assembly Council, PCUSA; Victor E. Makari, Ph.D, Coordinator, Office for the Middle East, PCUSA; Rev. Tom Taylor, Ph.D, Deputy Executive Director for Mission, PCUSA; Hunter Farrell, Director, PCUSA; Sara P. Lisherneess, Director, Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry, PCUSA.


31 April 2008, Augusta Victoria Hospital, Jerusalem
Topic: Peace and Human Rights – A Multi-Faith Concept
Speaker:Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Chairman of PASSIA, Jerusalem
Participants: Visiting Delegation from the Lutheran World Federation.


7 January 2008, PASSIA, Jerusalem
Topic:Interfaith Dialogue
Participants:Ian White, Director, International & Political Programs, Glencree, Ireland; Amit Leshem, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem.

7 January 2008, PASSIA, Jerusalem
Topic: Open Discussion on Interfaith Dialogue
Speaker: Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Chairman of PASSIA, Jerusalem
Participants: Group from Catholic Relief Services, Jerusalem, Rev. Paul Esser, Priest Pastor; Thomas Ulrich, Catholic Relief Services; Rev. Louis Anderson, Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI; Mikaele Sansone, Catholic Relief Services; Rev. Joseph  Muth, Catholic Priest; Rev. Msgr. Joseph Ciampaglio, Priest; Rev. Jon Fapiente, Priest Ret.; LeAnn Hager, Catholic Relief Services Deputy Representative, Jerusalem


 :: All conferences were attended by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of PASSIA)



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