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7 March 2002, PASSIA
The Rule of Law in the Palestinian Judicial and Political System
(Brainstorming Session 1)
Participant(s): Raffoul Rofa, St. Yves Society, Jerusalem; Khalil Ansara, Financial Markets International (FMI), Ramallah; Jonathan Kuttab, Al-Haq, Jerusalem; Khalil Tufakji, Arab Studies Society, Jerusalem; Khaled Abu Alia, Civic Forum, Ar-Ram; Walid Assali, Lawyer, Jerusalem; Mohammed Jadallah, Jerusalem Development Center, Jerusalem; Omar Dajani, UNSCO, Gaza; Elias Khoury, Lawyer, Jerusalem; Tamer Maliha, Lawyer, Jerusalem.

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14 March 2002, PASSIA
The Rule of Law in the Palestinian Judicial and Political System
(Brainstorming Session 2)
Participant(s): Ellen Kelly, Rule of Law Project Manager, USAID Mission, Tel Aviv; Deirdre Connolly, UNDP, Jerusalem; Bill Docherty, Society of St. Yves, Jerusalem; Meejeong Hong, Lecturer, Kyunghee University, Tokyo; Raffoul Rofa, Society of St. Yves, Jerusalem; Phillip Walker, Lawyer, Director of Amideast’s Law Project, Jerusalem; Mohammed Abu Harthieh, Human Rights Advocacy Activist Lawyer, Jerusalem; Michael Keating, UNSCO, Gaza; Omar Dajani, UNSCO, Gaza.

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16 April 2002, PASSIA
Rule of Law in the Palestinian Judiciary and Political System
Speaker: Omar Dajani, Regional Affairs Officer, UNSCO, Gaza
Participant(s): Mohammed Abu Harthiyeh, Human Rights Lawyer; Philip Walker, Amideast, Lawyer; Ellen Kelly, USAID Mission, Lawyer; Martha Myers, USAID Mission; Elias Khoury, Lawyer; Raffoul Rofa, Society of St. Yves, Lawyer, Jumna Abu Ziad, British Consulate.

12 May 2002, PASSIA
The Concept of the Rule of Law and Islam
Participant(s): Sheikh Jamil Hamami, Sheikh Yacoub Sabanih, Fadi Hidmi.

18 June 2002, PASSIA
Community Participation/Involvement in Fostering Rule of Law Ideas
Participant(s): Walid Salem, Fadi Hidmi.

27 August 2002, PASSIA
The Palestinian Constitution and the Rule of Law
Speaker(s): Mohammed Dahleh, Advocate
Participant(s): Nader Al-‘Aaser, Egyptian Consul, Bernard Seneria, Judge; Lopez Guerra, Professor; Rami Shehadeh, Legal Advisor; Marc Gerritsen, Policy Officer, Netherlands Representative Office; Amjad Atallah, Attorney; Hanlie Booysen, Head, South African Representative Office; Glenn Robinson, Professor; Ellen Kelly, USAID Mission; Sarah Ewane, British Council; Arafat Hidmi, Physician, Maqassed Hospital; Michael Ohnmacht, Political Affairs, German Representative Office; Sophie GuericheDevelopment Officer, European Commission; Elise Aghazarian; Wulf F. Roener, Judge.

5 September 2002, Ambassador Hotel
Expert Meeting on: The Rule of Law Application and Transfer to Democracy in South Africa
Speaker(s): Leon Wessels, Advocate, Member of the South African Human Rights Commission, South Africa

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Workshop Minutes

16 September 2002, PASSIA
The Rule of Law and Democratization Efforts in Palestine
Participant(s): Walid Salem, Panorama, Jerusalem; Dr. Mahdi Abdul-Hadi, PASSIA, Elise Aghazarian, PASSIA.

Experts Conferences - Rule of Law

6 November 2002, PASSIA
The South African Experience: Rule of Law, Political Vision & Future Solutions
Participant(s): Terry Boullata, Head of School; Nedal Ismail, Canadian Representative Office; Volker Trushon, student; Michèle Auga, FES; Khader Abu Alia, teacher; Musa Dweik, Assistant Professor; Niall Holohan, Irish Representative Office; Leila Hilal, Negotiation Support Unit; Kogila Hudler, University of Colombia, Canada; Hanlie Booysen, South African Representative Office; Audrey Bomse, Attorney; Christa Clamer, École Biblique; Mustafa Abu Sway, Professor; José Fonseca, Portuguese Representative Office; Saman Khoury, Media advisor; Nora Carmi, Sabeel; Amneh Badran, Jerusalem Center for Women.

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